Text Box:      If youíre looking for an apartment in North St. Louis City, you have to check out the 
Blair School Apartments.
Located just off major streets, across from a park, and just minutes from Downtown St. Louis, the Blair School Apartments provides the location and amenities that make it a hidden gem in North St. Louis City.
  Off street parking, a door entry system, unique architecture, and a park right across the street, are just a few of the features that make this building unique.
Text Box: Frank P. Blair School
Designed by  H. William Kirchner, the Frank P. Blair School was considered the pride of itís Ward, and one of the finest school buildings in the City when it opened in August of 1882.

From itís opening, it was overcrowded, and by 1894 badly needed additions were added, bringing the building to itís current size.

The building boasts architecture from the High Victorian style, including recessed entrances, stone arches and columns, and layered and corbelled brickwork around the window openings. 

After almost 100 years of service to the City, the school was closed due to declining enrollment.

Since itís transfer to private hands, the building was converted to Apartments in the early 1980ís, and received needed updates in the Mid 90ís.

Itís architectural appointments, and rich history, resulted in itís placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.